You might not be a fan of food, but here’s the TOP 10 LIFE HACKS FOR USES OF FOOD & DRINKS in my opinion that might change your mind. I listed them from my personal best to my least personal best.

1. Drink Chamomile tea if you’re about to go to bed or if you’re angry to help you relax. Drink Green tea if you need energy, trying to lose weight or if you’re feeling sick. Drink Chai tea to not feel sluggish anymore or if you have a stomach ache. Drink Oolong tea if you’re burning fat or breaking out in acne. Drink Peppermint tea if you’re prone to headaches or just sore.

2. Mint is a plant that mice, most bugs and insects can’t stand! So keep them away with mint plants. Place the plants where these pests are prone to be at like in corners.

3. Put vanilla extract on all your pulse points if you want to keep mosquitos away. 

4. Get a small container and then pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar in it. This will attract the fruit flies and kill them once they get in this vinegar.

5. Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice daily can make you look younger and improve your vision if you have bad eyesight. 

6. If you want a very simple homemade ice cream recipe that does not require an ice cream maker check out this link: 

7. Clean an empty ketchup bottle. Now, you can put batter in it for less of a mess than putting it in a plastic bag.

8. Put yellow mustard on your tounge and then rinse it off if you get slightly burned as this can quickly take away the slight burn.

9. Put cookies in a bag with a slice of bread to keep them soft. 

10. Folding the bottom ends of a chip bag inwards can make a great bowl!

Learning Styles

Studying can be boring and it can seem that no matter how much you study you can’t seem to get it right. Luckily, I listed the 4 learning styles and their definitions. I even added in the best 2 websites and 4 apps for studying in my opinion depending on each learning style. All of this is listed in no particular order. So find out now which learning style or even multiple styles you think suit you best! 

1. Visual: You learn well by images, pictures and spatial organization of elements. Duolingo is an app that allows you to study from many different flashcards and take quizzes that contain a lot of pictures so it’ll probably help you out a lot. Duolingo is solely meant for learning from many different languages.

2. Auditory: You learn well by music, sound, rhyme, rhythm, speaking or listening. Quizlet is an app that you probably will enjoy as it has an option for many different auditory flashcards, quizzes and a game. Duolingo is another app that may help you as it allows you to study from many different flashcards and take quizzes in audio forms. Duolingo is solely meant for learning from many different languages.

3. Reading/Writing: You learn well by reading or writing the material you want to learn. is a site you probably will love as it gives you many examples of different essays. is another site which might interest you as you can type many different algebra equations and get results by step-by-step correct methods to read from. It’s just like having a tutor there with you! You probably will also enjoy the app, Quizlet. Quizlet offers many different flashcards, quizzes and a game to read from. MyScript Calculator is another app that will probably work well for you as you can draw many different math problems on it and then it’ll give you your results! It’s almost exactly like writing on a real sheet of paper. Practice usually makes perfect after all. Photomath might also work well for you as all you have to-do is take pictures or type many different math problems and then it’ll give you you’re results which you can read from by step-by-step correct methods!

4. Kinesthetic: You learn well when you can move your body and/or use your hands and sense of touch. Writing or drawing diagrams are physical activities that can fall into this category as well. The app, Photomath might work well for you as you get to take pictures of many different math problems and then it’ll give you you’re results by step-by-step correct methods!

Best 8 Methods to Get What You Want

Whether it’s a relationship or a snack I listed the Best 8 Methods to Get What You Want in no particular order. 

1.  Ask for something bigger than what you actually want then tell them never mind and what you really want. This method will probably work as they will much rather agree to a favor that isn’t that big.

2. Mirror their physical actions while asking them the favor. Not to the point where you get creepy though. Just mirror their actions enough to make them think that they want what you want which will probably increase them agreeing to what you want. 

3. Get at least another person to help you try and convince the person to do you a favor. They’ll have more reasons to agree to what you want then and not want to disappoint more people.

4. Try and get the person you’re trying to convince you to do the favor by convincing them in a quiet, private place so you can both focus and to feel more calm with less hustle and bustle. So remember, when you try and convince them don’t yell at them because our emotions can get in the way of what we are really trying to communicate at times. Also, give them constructive criticism instead of just flat out offending them. And be sure to try and convince them with a stern voice to get your point across. It also helps a lot to give them good, solid reasons for them to get you what you want. 

5. Show them your emotions to let them see how much this affects you and how passionate you really are for this to gulit-trip them. Don’t have a whole tantrum about it though because that will probably just annoy them so they’ll probably just wanna get away from you. Plus, there are other ways to express your emotions like turning your emotions into any form of art. 

6. If what you want is someone to stop bothering you so much then read on. If somebody is bothering you so much that it’s illegal and you want them to stop then it’s time to get the police involved. Make sure to get proof first such as a video of all their illegal actions. This may scare them with a police warning or even get them locked away.

7. If what you want is someone to stop bothering you then read on once again. Try ignoring them by cutting off all contact via social media, e-mail and ect. Try your best to ignore them in person too. They might stop annoying you this way because you don’t give them a reaction. 

8. Make a deal with them. This method will surely make them give you what you want since they get a slice of the cake too if you will. 

4 Best Animation Apps

Here’s a list of the 4 Best Animation Apps! This list ranges from the best to the least best apps in my opinion.

1. FlipaClip.

Here’s an example of a very short animation I made using this app. The good things about this app is that you can create your own designs, but this app already contains good animation examples. You can also insert a few different backgrounds which come with this app. You can also insert your own photo in each animation! Another good thing about this app is that it’s pretty simple to use. There are also a few different drawing tools and a lot of colors to choose from. There are also a few different shapes to choose from. The only downside I found in this app is that you can’t insert any audio at all to your animations. 

2. Drawing Cartoons.                                           

This app already contains many built characters, items, background music, backgrounds and ect. which I think is awesome. You can also make your own designs and audio, but it’s a bit complicated. Unfortunately, this app also glitches many times as it changed around my home screen, but I quickly fixed that by opening a new app or restarting my device. 

3. Stick Draw.                                                          

You can create your own designs on this app, but you can also insert photos in animations if you wish. This app is pretty easy to get the hang of which is another good thing about it. Unfortunately, you can’t insert audio at all to your animations on this app. But the drawing style on this app can be really smooth at times. The drawing style can be complete opposite at other times though. There are also a few different drawing tools and many colors to choose from which makes up for it.

4. Animation Desk.                                              

This app glitches a lot as sometimes the buttons don’t work at times. A few buttons don’t ever work at all on this app on my device. Maybe you’ll have better luck? This app can also be a bit hard to get the hang of. The good thing about this app though is that the drawing style is pretty smooth, has a couple different drawing tools and a few colors to choose from. 

Dear Alcohol

​Dear alcohol,

Why must have you taken members of my family from me? You make them act pretty differently and not in a very good way. Especially my dad who you seem to keep taking more and more of everyday. He gets way more mad when he drinks a lot of you so he doesn’t hesitate to hurt me and my family anymore. Even when we do nothing wrong he still hurts us. I learned to take his constant belittling eventually though or else he’ll hurt me more. Sometimes I think I deserve his punishments though. After all, he seems to usually only drink you at every mistake I make. It’s probably to forget I was ever born. I don’t blame him though because I wish I never existed either. He seems to love you much more than me and family. At least, that’s what he tells me. I understand that too. I remember when he loved us more when I was much younger. I even remember being upset when he left for work, but now I’m honestly a bit afraid of him when he drinks you. I think I’m more afraid for him getting hurt because of you than me and my family. I mean, I remember him drinking alcohol then going for a drive when my mom and him fought. I also remember when I woke up early in the morning due to my dad screaming out in pain. My mom had to call 911 because my dad usually never likes to show his pain so it must have been serious. Turns out he had uclers on his gallbladder and a swollen gallbladder so surgeons had to surgically remove his gallbladder. This happened to my dad because of you, alcohol. I remember being upset and worried about him for many days until he felt much better. One of my classmates asked me what was wrong since I looked down those days, but I refused to make them worry too. My sister never cared much about my dad though, but my mom was so worried that she was crying. I remember many times I tried to cheer her up because of my dad. At least my dad changed his opinion on you for a bit, alcohol. It’s a shame that this didn’t last for very long and his addiction to you actually got way worse. My sister then decided to lead the same path as my dad of alcohol addiction. My mom will wail and go out on the streets at midnight searching for my sister when she is drunk at times. People make fun of us because of my sister’s antics. They say it’s our fault she’s like this. That we could of done something to stop her, but it’s pretty hard to do that as she’ll still go outside and drink under lock and key. I still think it’s ALL of my fault she drinks you. Why must I be such an embarrassment!? I completely understand why my family tells me this. For that reason, it makes sense they take out their anger about family problems on me. I still tried talking to my dad and sister about you though. I tried changing their minds, but they didn’t listen. I forgive my dad and my sister of their alcohol addiction though because I know it’s hard to get rid of. I don’t forgive you though alcohol. 

                                                                                                         A son and a brother of alcoholics, 



Most parents hate it when you tell them how-to raise their kids, but I like to be honest so here’s top ten tips in my opinion on how-to raise a child great! This is ordered from the best tip to the least best tip. Once again, in my opinion.

1. Don’t physically abuse your kid.                

This one should be obvious, but if you’re that oblivious then let me explain it to you..YOU CAN BE MAKING THEIR LIFE MISERABLE. Maybe even more miserable than it already is. And most kids are easily traumatized so it can haunt them for the rest of their lives. After all, they’re not made of steel. Plus, it’s probably against the law where you live to abuse a kid.

2. Don’t neglect your kid.                         

Another obvious one, but once again I’m gonna explain it anyways for the oblivious people. Now, I don’t mean not buying your kid a new toy they had a tantrum for. Remember, neglect is lacking what you need not what you want. Even not bringing them to a doctor if they really need it is neglect. Plus, it’s probably against the law where you live again. If they can move out already though then that’s not neglect even if they can’t afford their own food. 

3. Don’t emotionally abuse your kid.            

This one is way less obvious because most people just consider this just parenting. But if you’re constantly belittling your kid for no good reason then that’s a sign of emotional abuse. Another sign of emotional abuse is telling your kids things like you wish they were never born or saying they’re really ugly. Words can hurt too. Not to mention, it’s probably against the law where you live. It’s a lot harder for people to detect emotional abuse though to get the kid the help they need. 

4. Don’t spoil them.                                     

Giving kids unnecessarily expensive things or things that are not needed can give your child unrealistic expectations constantly. These sorts of expectations can carry on through the rest of their lives which will most likely interfere with the way they learn. They’ll most likely have trouble learning how-to properly communicate with people such as them being too demanding and rude when communicating with others to even having trouble learning the most basic tasks. This will probably make it hard for them to get a job. They may also feel embarrassed once they realize how much they depend on other people. A few kids might even hate you for thinking you rather make it up to them by gifts than actually having a proper conversation. Not only will these kids probably hate you, but others around you who witness their antics may hate the spoilt kid and the ones responsible for spoiling them so much. This can make it hard to have a good relationship with not only the spoilt kid, but others around you too. All these tantrums can lead to a great amount of stress which may also affect your physical well-beings. Trust me, having to try to survive in the real world is hard enough so do you really want to add that much stress in your lives? Instead, show them the ropes on becoming more mature and then letting them handle most things on their own like baking and doing chores. But people usually want somebody to talk to for help at times even if your kid pretends to be very brave to make you proud. So remember to tell them that if they ever need to talk to someone they can come to you. You’ll be sure to raise a much more nice independent kid this way.

5. Motivate their good choices.                       

You don’t just have to discipline all their bad choices to motivate good choices forcefully. You can also give them reasons why to make good choices like a lesson in health class about protection, the risks of smoking and ect. Trust me, it means a lot more coming from the parents because it shows they care more.

6. Don’t play favorites.                                              

Sure, it might make the more favored kids love you more, but at what price? I mean, it can make the most favored kids spoiled brats towards EVERYONE and they may feel like they have to act a certain way for you to keep loving them more. As for the least favorite, they may try being like the more favored kids at first to see if you’ll love them more. They may also very likely doubt themselves for the greater good constantly. But they may give up and just end up hating you. They might even seek revenge. Even if you don’t admit who’s the favorite it’s still pretty obvious if you buy more gifts or more expensive gifts for the most favored kids and take them pretty much anywhere they want. Then you just disregard the least favorite’s feelings.

7. Don’t be so chill with EVERYTHING they do.

Not having enough rules can teach kids to rebel. This is because they usually want your attention so they might start smoking, drinking alcohol and ect. just to get your attention. They might also become spoiled if you’re cool with them buying whatever they want. Other kids might make their own rules. But all in all, they are most likely to wish they had more rules. I know you probably just don’t want them to hate you for being strict, but being this chill can actually make them hate you too for causing family problems. Also, if you like this tip then check this link out: as it shares more useful, alike methods. 

8. Don’t be so conservative.                

Constantly telling them they’re ugly in black clothes and then that they’re only pretty or handsome in dresses or tuxedos and ect. is rude. And being homophobic, transphobic, racist and ect. makes you a complete jerk. They’ll probably feel like they have nobody to confide in so they’ll probably try to hide secrets from you by whatever means possible. And they may feel like you don’t care much about them at all. Or they’ll try to block out their true selves so they may never discover who they really are. And if you do find out don’t disown them. And if you think kicking them out will teach them their lesson then you’re sadly mistaken. Society is already as hard as it is when it comes to LGBT+ as they are usually victims of bullying, rape and they may even be killed. So you’ll just be adding on top of all that. Plus, its probably against the law where you live. OR you may avoid this much conflict as they may turn out to be a complete jerk like you since that’s the way you raised them. 

9. Don’t be too strict.                                               

I mean they’ll probably feel that you’re raising them more like a slave or just a dog than a kid. Sure, you may feel like you’re raising them as a perfect disciplined kid, but they may actually end up growing up wanting to rebel and they may do so when they have that chance or may try fighting back to feel free from their parent’s wrath. Plus, being too strict can make them hate you and fear you. 

10. Don’t ignore your kids so much.    

This may be hard not to do due to work, but they may feel like they hardly know you if you’re away constantly or always on your phone. They may also feel like they’re not important to you much at all. And they may end up growing up too fast. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way on raising a good, happy kid! Pat on the back to you if you already follow these tips for a job well done. 


Imagine this: You’re in an argument with some real jerk, but you’ve run out of good comebacks! Luckily for you, I chose my top 10 witty comebacks to help ya out in no particular order. 

1. Wow! You look like Barbie except you’re way more faker and empty-headed than Barbie. 

2. What’s wrong? Is Google running out of comebacks for you?

3. I see that you’re sniffing all the crap that you’re talking.

4. Oh please, you think you’re pretty? I can erase 99% of your so-called beauty with one wet napkin.

5. I’m glad I’m not on your level seeing as you’re on your knees constantly.

6. I see you’ve lowered your standards since you spread your legs faster than spreading jam on a piece of toast.

7. If I really wanted to kill myself I’d climb your ego and jump down to your I.Q.

8. What’s with that look on your face? It appears as if though you have something in your eye. 

9. If I were you I’d stop looking at myself on the mirror because I would break it then. 

10. Your dad’s condom failed just like your test grade.