Best 8 Methods to Get What You Want

Whether it’s a relationship or a snack I listed the Best 8 Methods to Get What You Want in no particular order. 

1.  Ask for something bigger than what you actually want then tell them never mind and what you really want. This method will probably work as they will much rather agree to a favor that isn’t that big.

2. Mirror their physical actions while asking them the favor. Not to the point where you get creepy though. Just mirror their actions enough to make them think that they want what you want which will probably increase them agreeing to what you want. 

3. Get at least another person to help you try and convince the person to do you a favor. They’ll have more reasons to agree to what you want then and not want to disappoint more people.

4. Try and get the person you’re trying to convince you to do the favor by convincing them in a quiet, private place so you can both focus and to feel more calm with less hustle and bustle. So remember, when you try and convince them don’t yell at them because our emotions can get in the way of what we are really trying to communicate at times. Also, give them constructive criticism instead of just flat out offending them. And be sure to try and convince them with a stern voice to get your point across. It also helps a lot to give them good, solid reasons for them to get you what you want. 

5. Show them your emotions to let them see how much this affects you and how passionate you really are for this to gulit-trip them. Don’t have a whole tantrum about it though because that will probably just annoy them so they’ll probably just wanna get away from you. Plus, there are other ways to express your emotions like turning your emotions into any form of art. 

6. If what you want is someone to stop bothering you so much then read on. If somebody is bothering you so much that it’s illegal and you want them to stop then it’s time to get the police involved. Make sure to get proof first such as a video of all their illegal actions. This may scare them with a police warning or even get them locked away.

7. If what you want is someone to stop bothering you then read on once again. Try ignoring them by cutting off all contact via social media, e-mail and ect. Try your best to ignore them in person too. They might stop annoying you this way because you don’t give them a reaction. 

8. Make a deal with them. This method will surely make them give you what you want since they get a slice of the cake too if you will. 


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