This recipe can be great for Valentine’s day! Or simply any other day you prefer as this strawberry juice recipe is a much healthier option than most juices at local stores.


•About 10 frozen strawberries.

•About 1 liter of water.

•Half a quart of sugar.

•About 1 whole tray of ice. 


First mix about 10 frozen strawberries with about 1 liter of water and half a quart of sugar in a blender until well blended. After that, mix in about a whole tray of ice in the blender with the other ingredients until this recipe’s results into quite a watery drink with a reddish/pinkish hue. It will also contain strawberry seeds, but those aren’t hard to swallow. Afterwards, you should be left with about a jug of strawberry juice which you can serve. You can optionally add in ice cubes. Finally, try to enjoy it! 


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