This recipe is great with a healthy snack! Or even drinking this lime juice any other day can be a great alternative to most juices in local stores because this recipe is a much healthier option. Not only that, but I also find it to be delicious.


•2 spoons of sugar.

•About 1 cup of water.

•About 1 whole tray of ice.

•1 lime.


Squeeze 1 lime into a stainless steel strainer and then let it pour into a blender. Add in the 1 cup of water and mix these ingredients until well blended. Next, add 2 spoons of sugar and about 1 tray of ice into the blender with the other ingredients. After that, mix all ingredients thoroughly until it’s quite a watery drink and it should look light green. This recipe should serve for 1 cup. Afterwards, you can optionally add in ice cubes. Finally, try to enjoy it!