(WARNING: MIGHT BE TRIGGERING TO SOME PEOPLE). Social media is often loved by many people, but is it really as great as you think? Learn about the 6 WAYS SOCIAL MEDIA CAN NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOUR VIEW ON YOURSELF AND PEOPLE here and I listed them in no particular order.

1. Social media allows you to connect with more people online, but you may start feeling lonely if you don’t connect with people in real life more.

Communicating with people on social media may fill your loneliness, but that’s usually only temporary. Soon enough, you probably will want to get more close with this person in real life. Often, that can be hard to do so because of many miles between the two of you and not having enough money to go where they are. Or you maybe too afraid of the risks on meeting with people in real life you first met online.

2. It can be easy to confuse digital intimacy with real intimacy in social media.

Sexting is commonly used in social media to feel like you’re closer with the person you are communicating with online. People who are just figuring things out may confuse digital intimacy with real intimicay which can cause embarrassment and confusion in the long run.

3. You might get lured to meet someone in real life when you’ve only chatted with them on social media.

People tend to lie about who they are on social media since it’s easier to hide who they truly are online. You may eventually get lured to meet them in real life, but from getting raped to getting brutally murdered it’s best to take precautions first.

4. Social media can give you unrealistic expectations in relationships.

People usually post photos with their significant other on social media, in which they both look content. This can heighten people’s expectations in their relationships which may cause problems for themselves and their partner. People who are single may have unrealistic goals and expectations going into a relationship. Also, young people who are single may feel the need to rush into a relationship instead of truly appreciating what they already have and their partner. They may even be in such a rush that they don’t quite look into their potential partner’s personality much which can lead to a very bad relationship.

5. Social media can introduce you to many different people. This may contribute to comparing yourself to people on social media negatively.

People all over the world often post pictures of themselves on social media and may even become famous because of them. Many of the people who become famous on social media are models. This can lead to people comparing themselves to these people and make it a goal to look like them. This often heightens people’s standards on beauty instead of truly being appreciative of any great qualities they may already have. Some people may not know that people often photoshop pictures of themselves which can give someone almost impossibly high standards. Many people even develop disorders such as anorexia to achieve their goals. 

6. You are more likely to become a victim of bullying because of cyber bullying.

Bullying is already a large problem in society and as far as I know, 44,193 Americans die by suicide every year and suicide is the 10th cause of death in the US. Many of whom decided to kill themselves because of bullying. Even cyber bullying can lead someone to become suicidal. People also often self-harm due to bullying.


Love yourself enough to lead a healthier lifestyle! To help you with your journey, I chose the 3 BEST APPS TO LEAD A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE from the best app to the least best app in my opinion.

1. HealthTap

This app took the #1 spot in this list because not only does it help you with your physical health, but your mental health too. You get to have a few different options for free in this app to choose from to help you with your health. One option is getting to ask brief questions to licensed doctors. You can also get step-by-step solutions to solve your problems from various licensed doctors and reminders to complete these steps. Licensed doctors can even be recommended to you to help your search. To get even better help, you can fill in details on your profile on areas concerning your health. A downfall I did find on this app though is that not every licesened doctor will be helpful. Another downfall is that you must pay real money to get better answers to your questions about health. Also, you must be 16 years old and have an internet connection to use this app. I think all the good of this app makes up for the bad aspects though. Click on HealthTap’s site as well which is https://www.healthtap.com if you’re interested in HealthTap.

2. MoodTools

I found this app quite useful for your mental health. For example, MoodTools gives you lots of information on depression. This app even goes a step farther by providing you a safety plan if you feel like committing suicide, hurting yourself or hurting others. Another option to improve your mental health is to pick from a list of activities to do which is provided in this app. You even get to put in your mood before and afterwards you complete an activity to see if it helped you at all. MoodTools also lets you write thought diaries on this app. These thought diaries let you reflect on a situation and then you can challenge any negative thoughts on the same situation that you may have. Also, with thought diaries providing you a date of each situation you may have you get to see how far you’ve come and whether or not the good in your life outweighs the bad. A downfall I did find in this app though is that you must pay real money in order to get password protection and themes to better your experience.

3. Health Tracking – Pow Health

This app’s title is pretty self-explanatory as you get to track your progress on your health. You can also keep track of your health records on this app to keep yourself organized. You even get to fill in important details surrounding your health in Health Tracking – Pow Health. I did find this app to glitch quite a bit though. 

Learning Styles

Studying can be boring and it can seem that no matter how much you study you can’t seem to get it right. Luckily, I listed the 4 learning styles and their definitions. I even added in the best 2 websites and 4 apps for studying in my opinion depending on each learning style. All of this is listed in no particular order. So find out now which learning style or even multiple styles you think suit you best! 

1. Visual: You learn well by images, pictures and spatial organization of elements. Duolingo is an app that allows you to study from many different flashcards and take quizzes that contain a lot of pictures so it’ll probably help you out a lot. Duolingo is solely meant for learning from many different languages.

2. Auditory: You learn well by music, sound, rhyme, rhythm, speaking or listening. Quizlet is an app that you probably will enjoy as it has an option for many different auditory flashcards, quizzes and a game. Duolingo is another app that may help you as it allows you to study from many different flashcards and take quizzes in audio forms. Duolingo is solely meant for learning from many different languages.

3. Reading/Writing: You learn well by reading or writing the material you want to learn. http://www.studymode.com is a site you probably will love as it gives you many examples of different essays. http://tiger-algebra.com is another site which might interest you as you can type many different algebra equations and get results by step-by-step correct methods to read from. It’s just like having a tutor there with you! You probably will also enjoy the app, Quizlet. Quizlet offers many different flashcards, quizzes and a game to read from. MyScript Calculator is another app that will probably work well for you as you can draw many different math problems on it and then it’ll give you your results! It’s almost exactly like writing on a real sheet of paper. Practice usually makes perfect after all. Photomath might also work well for you as all you have to-do is take pictures or type many different math problems and then it’ll give you you’re results which you can read from by step-by-step correct methods!

4. Kinesthetic: You learn well when you can move your body and/or use your hands and sense of touch. Writing or drawing diagrams are physical activities that can fall into this category as well. The app, Photomath might work well for you as you get to take pictures of many different math problems and then it’ll give you you’re results by step-by-step correct methods!

4 Best Animation Apps

Here’s a list of the 4 Best Animation Apps! This list ranges from the best to the least best apps in my opinion.

1. FlipaClip.

Here’s an example of a very short animation I made using this app. The good things about this app is that you can create your own designs, but this app already contains good animation examples. You can also insert a few different backgrounds which come with this app. You can also insert your own photo in each animation! Another good thing about this app is that it’s pretty simple to use. There are also a few different drawing tools and a lot of colors to choose from. There are also a few different shapes to choose from. The only downside I found in this app is that you can’t insert any audio at all to your animations. 

2. Drawing Cartoons.                                           

This app already contains many built characters, items, background music, backgrounds and ect. which I think is awesome. You can also make your own designs and audio, but it’s a bit complicated. Unfortunately, this app also glitches many times as it changed around my home screen, but I quickly fixed that by opening a new app or restarting my device. 

3. Stick Draw.                                                          

You can create your own designs on this app, but you can also insert photos in animations if you wish. This app is pretty easy to get the hang of which is another good thing about it. Unfortunately, you can’t insert audio at all to your animations on this app. But the drawing style on this app can be really smooth at times. The drawing style can be complete opposite at other times though. There are also a few different drawing tools and many colors to choose from which makes up for it.

4. Animation Desk.                                              

This app glitches a lot as sometimes the buttons don’t work at times. A few buttons don’t ever work at all on this app on my device. Maybe you’ll have better luck? This app can also be a bit hard to get the hang of. The good thing about this app though is that the drawing style is pretty smooth, has a couple different drawing tools and a few colors to choose from.