Helping charity can make others suffering feel a bit better and can even make you feel better about yourself. You don’t just have to give to charity on Christmas, but on other days too so I listed the 3 BEST SITES TO HELP CHARITY in no particular order and in my opinion. 

1. http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/1488

A simple site which is based upon a vocabulary quiz. If you choose a correct answer, you get a harder question and this site will donate 10 grains of rice to http://m.wfp.org which is to help fight world hunger. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question. Not only will you be helping charity through this site, but you can get smarter by using this site too! 

2. https://www.gofundme.com

This simple to use site lets you help others and even yourself if needed on many categories for help which are either medical, volunteer, emergencies, education, memorials, sports, animals, business, charity, community, competitions, creative, events, faith, family, newlyweds, TN fire relief, travel, wishes and other. Despite all this site has to offer, it can be hard knowing who is telling the truth. Also, this site is only available for USA citizens and people who have a bank number in the USA or a credit card.

3. https://www.crowdrise.com

This site is quite similar to https://www.gofundme.com as you can donate to a charity and even get help for a personal cause if needed, but it maybe hard knowing who’s telling the truth.


Imagine this: You’re in an argument with some real jerk, but you’ve run out of good comebacks! Luckily for you, I chose my top 10 witty comebacks to help ya out in no particular order. 

1. Wow! You look like Barbie except you’re way more faker and empty-headed than Barbie. 

2. What’s wrong? Is Google running out of comebacks for you?

3. I see that you’re sniffing all the crap that you’re talking.

4. Oh please, you think you’re pretty? I can erase 99% of your so-called beauty with one wet napkin.

5. I’m glad I’m not on your level seeing as you’re on your knees constantly.

6. I see you’ve lowered your standards since you spread your legs faster than spreading jam on a piece of toast.

7. If I really wanted to kill myself I’d climb your ego and jump down to your I.Q.

8. What’s with that look on your face? It appears as if though you have something in your eye. 

9. If I were you I’d stop looking at myself on the mirror because I would break it then. 

10. Your dad’s condom failed just like your test grade.