(WARNING: MIGHT BE TRIGGERING TO SOME PEOPLE). Social media is often loved by many people, but is it really as great as you think? Learn about the 6 WAYS SOCIAL MEDIA CAN NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOUR VIEW ON YOURSELF AND PEOPLE here and I listed them in no particular order.

1. Social media allows you to connect with more people online, but you may start feeling lonely if you don’t connect with people in real life more.

Communicating with people on social media may fill your loneliness, but that’s usually only temporary. Soon enough, you probably will want to get more close with this person in real life. Often, that can be hard to do so because of many miles between the two of you and not having enough money to go where they are. Or you maybe too afraid of the risks on meeting with people in real life you first met online.

2. It can be easy to confuse digital intimacy with real intimacy in social media.

Sexting is commonly used in social media to feel like you’re closer with the person you are communicating with online. People who are just figuring things out may confuse digital intimacy with real intimicay which can cause embarrassment and confusion in the long run.

3. You might get lured to meet someone in real life when you’ve only chatted with them on social media.

People tend to lie about who they are on social media since it’s easier to hide who they truly are online. You may eventually get lured to meet them in real life, but from getting raped to getting brutally murdered it’s best to take precautions first.

4. Social media can give you unrealistic expectations in relationships.

People usually post photos with their significant other on social media, in which they both look content. This can heighten people’s expectations in their relationships which may cause problems for themselves and their partner. People who are single may have unrealistic goals and expectations going into a relationship. Also, young people who are single may feel the need to rush into a relationship instead of truly appreciating what they already have and their partner. They may even be in such a rush that they don’t quite look into their potential partner’s personality much which can lead to a very bad relationship.

5. Social media can introduce you to many different people. This may contribute to comparing yourself to people on social media negatively.

People all over the world often post pictures of themselves on social media and may even become famous because of them. Many of the people who become famous on social media are models. This can lead to people comparing themselves to these people and make it a goal to look like them. This often heightens people’s standards on beauty instead of truly being appreciative of any great qualities they may already have. Some people may not know that people often photoshop pictures of themselves which can give someone almost impossibly high standards. Many people even develop disorders such as anorexia to achieve their goals. 

6. You are more likely to become a victim of bullying because of cyber bullying.

Bullying is already a large problem in society and as far as I know, 44,193 Americans die by suicide every year and suicide is the 10th cause of death in the US. Many of whom decided to kill themselves because of bullying. Even cyber bullying can lead someone to become suicidal. People also often self-harm due to bullying.


Love yourself enough to lead a healthier lifestyle! To help you with your journey, I chose the 3 BEST APPS TO LEAD A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE from the best app to the least best app in my opinion.

1. HealthTap

This app took the #1 spot in this list because not only does it help you with your physical health, but your mental health too. You get to have a few different options for free in this app to choose from to help you with your health. One option is getting to ask brief questions to licensed doctors. You can also get step-by-step solutions to solve your problems from various licensed doctors and reminders to complete these steps. Licensed doctors can even be recommended to you to help your search. To get even better help, you can fill in details on your profile on areas concerning your health. A downfall I did find on this app though is that not every licesened doctor will be helpful. Another downfall is that you must pay real money to get better answers to your questions about health. Also, you must be 16 years old and have an internet connection to use this app. I think all the good of this app makes up for the bad aspects though. Click on HealthTap’s site as well which is https://www.healthtap.com if you’re interested in HealthTap.

2. MoodTools

I found this app quite useful for your mental health. For example, MoodTools gives you lots of information on depression. This app even goes a step farther by providing you a safety plan if you feel like committing suicide, hurting yourself or hurting others. Another option to improve your mental health is to pick from a list of activities to do which is provided in this app. You even get to put in your mood before and afterwards you complete an activity to see if it helped you at all. MoodTools also lets you write thought diaries on this app. These thought diaries let you reflect on a situation and then you can challenge any negative thoughts on the same situation that you may have. Also, with thought diaries providing you a date of each situation you may have you get to see how far you’ve come and whether or not the good in your life outweighs the bad. A downfall I did find in this app though is that you must pay real money in order to get password protection and themes to better your experience.

3. Health Tracking – Pow Health

This app’s title is pretty self-explanatory as you get to track your progress on your health. You can also keep track of your health records on this app to keep yourself organized. You even get to fill in important details surrounding your health in Health Tracking – Pow Health. I did find this app to glitch quite a bit though. 


This recipe is great with a healthy snack! Or even drinking this lime juice any other day can be a great alternative to most juices in local stores because this recipe is a much healthier option. Not only that, but I also find it to be delicious.


•2 spoons of sugar.

•About 1 cup of water.

•About 1 whole tray of ice.

•1 lime.


Squeeze 1 lime into a stainless steel strainer and then let it pour into a blender. Add in the 1 cup of water and mix these ingredients until well blended. Next, add 2 spoons of sugar and about 1 tray of ice into the blender with the other ingredients. After that, mix all ingredients thoroughly until it’s quite a watery drink and it should look light green. This recipe should serve for 1 cup. Afterwards, you can optionally add in ice cubes. Finally, try to enjoy it! 


Helping charity can make others suffering feel a bit better and can even make you feel better about yourself. You don’t just have to give to charity on Christmas, but on other days too so I listed the 3 BEST SITES TO HELP CHARITY in no particular order and in my opinion. 

1. http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/1488

A simple site which is based upon a vocabulary quiz. If you choose a correct answer, you get a harder question and this site will donate 10 grains of rice to http://m.wfp.org which is to help fight world hunger. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question. Not only will you be helping charity through this site, but you can get smarter by using this site too! 

2. https://www.gofundme.com

This simple to use site lets you help others and even yourself if needed on many categories for help which are either medical, volunteer, emergencies, education, memorials, sports, animals, business, charity, community, competitions, creative, events, faith, family, newlyweds, TN fire relief, travel, wishes and other. Despite all this site has to offer, it can be hard knowing who is telling the truth. Also, this site is only available for USA citizens and people who have a bank number in the USA or a credit card.

3. https://www.crowdrise.com

This site is quite similar to https://www.gofundme.com as you can donate to a charity and even get help for a personal cause if needed, but it maybe hard knowing who’s telling the truth.


Sometimes you just need someone to understand you more or maybe you just need to have a good cry to move ahead with your life. Whatever the situation, I listed the TOP 10 SADDEST SONGS from the most saddest to least saddest and why each of them made this list in my opinion. (WARNING: MIGHT BE TRIGGERING TO SOME PEOPLE). 

1. Mad World by Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules.
This song can be interpreted as a song about suicide as it explains how dreams of him dying are the best dreams he has ever had. Hearing all the emotion in his voice makes it a lot more sad.

2. Cancer by My Chemical Romance.

The tile of this song is very self-explanatory as this song explains the problems a lot of cancer patients face and how they feel. For example, this song states their body is in agony. So even if this song is pretty short, it still contains lots of meaning. 

3. My Immortal by Evanescence.

This song can be interpreted as a song about suicide as it explains how she can’t take it anymore because someone hurt her.

4. Breathe Me by Sia.

A song about self-harm and just wanting someone to care. All the emotion in her voice makes it a lot more depressing.

5. At Seventeen by Céline Dion.

A song about being envious over good-looking people because she felt ugly.

6. How to Save A Life by The Fray. 

The title of this song is pretty self-explanatory as it explains how he wished he knew how-to save a life.

7. Suicide Note by Kyle Spratt.

This song is more of a story as it explains what happens when you commit suicide and gives many reasons to try to stay alive. 

8. Speechless by Lady Gaga.

This song is meant for Lady Gaga’s dad. This song is dedicated to him because he refused to get a surgery that he badly needed, but Lady Gaga gives him reasons to get the surgery. He soon got the surgery after this song’s release.

9. Creep by Radiohead.

A song about jealousy of those who seem to be perfect while you have insecurities about yourself.

10. Suicide by Rihanna.

A song about trying to decide whether to stay with the one she loves or not. She gives more detail about how loving them is suicide to her.


Sometimes leaning on people for support is alright. Providing support for others not only can make people feel better about themselves, but you too will probably feel great about yourself for doing good deeds. Because of these reasons, I made a personally chosen list of the 3 BEST SITES FOR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. This list is no particular order because it depends on which site you think best suits you.

1. https://www.7cups.com/member/

7 Cups is filled with many group support chat rooms to choose from. Moderators are often present in these chat rooms to make sure the topic stays at bay. You can also optionally chat privately with trained members, but I often found the waiting period to chat with these people takes quite a bit of time. Basically, there are definitely many positions in this site where you can listen to others problems. These positions require you to signup though unlike where you get help as a guest. Guests have pretty limited options though. You even have the chance to chat with a licensed therapist which they think suits you best based on your needs. This site also goes one step further by proving steps to your personal growth. These steps mostly only involve breathing techniques to help you relax though. Even so, it’s a great way to help you meditate. All in all, even if you find people in this site not offering much help at all then you can simply mute them so you can at least give this site a second chance for help. Remember, suicidal and homicidal people are not welcome in this site though because those are recommended more serious help.

2. http://blahtherapy.com

This site offers a very quick way to chat with someone who listens to you comes more often than not. And if you’re in the helping mood then you can be the listener instead. You can even chat with a licensed therapist if they feel your needs qualify for it. If you do, you can chat with a licensed therapist for free for a week, but then you have to pay. Yet, the pay should be affordable. In most of this site, you’ll remain completely anonymous so there’s not much of taking a while to signup or login at all to get help as quick as possible! Suicidal and homicidal people are not recommended this site at all though.  

3. https://childline.org.uk

Professional help on MANY different issues you’re facing is offered in this site. You can play games which are aimed for a younger audience to hopefully, bring joy to their lives. People on this site will also be provided a phone number you can call or text. You can also chat online with them. You may even remain completely anonymous. But remember, each licensed therapist on this site should write down notes on the information you provide to them to help improve you each time you chat with them. You can chat with one specific licensed therapist or many different licensed therapists at different times. All in all, as great as this site seems, only young people in the UK have access to it. 


Most parents hate it when you tell them how-to raise their kids, but I like to be honest so here’s top ten tips in my opinion on how-to raise a child great! This is ordered from the best tip to the least best tip. Once again, in my opinion.

1. Don’t physically abuse your kid.                

This one should be obvious, but if you’re that oblivious then let me explain it to you..YOU CAN BE MAKING THEIR LIFE MISERABLE. Maybe even more miserable than it already is. And most kids are easily traumatized so it can haunt them for the rest of their lives. After all, they’re not made of steel. Plus, it’s probably against the law where you live to abuse a kid.

2. Don’t neglect your kid.                         

Another obvious one, but once again I’m gonna explain it anyways for the oblivious people. Now, I don’t mean not buying your kid a new toy they had a tantrum for. Remember, neglect is lacking what you need not what you want. Even not bringing them to a doctor if they really need it is neglect. Plus, it’s probably against the law where you live again. If they can move out already though then that’s not neglect even if they can’t afford their own food. 

3. Don’t emotionally abuse your kid.            

This one is way less obvious because most people just consider this just parenting. But if you’re constantly belittling your kid for no good reason then that’s a sign of emotional abuse. Another sign of emotional abuse is telling your kids things like you wish they were never born or saying they’re really ugly. Words can hurt too. Not to mention, it’s probably against the law where you live. It’s a lot harder for people to detect emotional abuse though to get the kid the help they need. 

4. Don’t spoil them.                                     

Giving kids unnecessarily expensive things or things that are not needed can give your child unrealistic expectations constantly. These sorts of expectations can carry on through the rest of their lives which will most likely interfere with the way they learn. They’ll most likely have trouble learning how-to properly communicate with people such as them being too demanding and rude when communicating with others to even having trouble learning the most basic tasks. This will probably make it hard for them to get a job. They may also feel embarrassed once they realize how much they depend on other people. A few kids might even hate you for thinking you rather make it up to them by gifts than actually having a proper conversation. Not only will these kids probably hate you, but others around you who witness their antics may hate the spoilt kid and the ones responsible for spoiling them so much. This can make it hard to have a good relationship with not only the spoilt kid, but others around you too. All these tantrums can lead to a great amount of stress which may also affect your physical well-beings. Trust me, having to try to survive in the real world is hard enough so do you really want to add that much stress in your lives? Instead, show them the ropes on becoming more mature and then letting them handle most things on their own like baking and doing chores. But people usually want somebody to talk to for help at times even if your kid pretends to be very brave to make you proud. So remember to tell them that if they ever need to talk to someone they can come to you. You’ll be sure to raise a much more nice independent kid this way.

5. Motivate their good choices.                       

You don’t just have to discipline all their bad choices to motivate good choices forcefully. You can also give them reasons why to make good choices like a lesson in health class about protection, the risks of smoking and ect. Trust me, it means a lot more coming from the parents because it shows they care more.

6. Don’t play favorites.                                              

Sure, it might make the more favored kids love you more, but at what price? I mean, it can make the most favored kids spoiled brats towards EVERYONE and they may feel like they have to act a certain way for you to keep loving them more. As for the least favorite, they may try being like the more favored kids at first to see if you’ll love them more. They may also very likely doubt themselves for the greater good constantly. But they may give up and just end up hating you. They might even seek revenge. Even if you don’t admit who’s the favorite it’s still pretty obvious if you buy more gifts or more expensive gifts for the most favored kids and take them pretty much anywhere they want. Then you just disregard the least favorite’s feelings.

7. Don’t be so chill with EVERYTHING they do.

Not having enough rules can teach kids to rebel. This is because they usually want your attention so they might start smoking, drinking alcohol and ect. just to get your attention. They might also become spoiled if you’re cool with them buying whatever they want. Other kids might make their own rules. But all in all, they are most likely to wish they had more rules. I know you probably just don’t want them to hate you for being strict, but being this chill can actually make them hate you too for causing family problems. Also, if you like this tip then check this link out: https://t.co/RVBIcUE4cz as it shares more useful, alike methods. 

8. Don’t be so conservative.                

Constantly telling them they’re ugly in black clothes and then that they’re only pretty or handsome in dresses or tuxedos and ect. is rude. And being homophobic, transphobic, racist and ect. makes you a complete jerk. They’ll probably feel like they have nobody to confide in so they’ll probably try to hide secrets from you by whatever means possible. And they may feel like you don’t care much about them at all. Or they’ll try to block out their true selves so they may never discover who they really are. And if you do find out don’t disown them. And if you think kicking them out will teach them their lesson then you’re sadly mistaken. Society is already as hard as it is when it comes to LGBT+ as they are usually victims of bullying, rape and they may even be killed. So you’ll just be adding on top of all that. Plus, its probably against the law where you live. OR you may avoid this much conflict as they may turn out to be a complete jerk like you since that’s the way you raised them. 

9. Don’t be too strict.                                               

I mean they’ll probably feel that you’re raising them more like a slave or just a dog than a kid. Sure, you may feel like you’re raising them as a perfect disciplined kid, but they may actually end up growing up wanting to rebel and they may do so when they have that chance or may try fighting back to feel free from their parent’s wrath. Plus, being too strict can make them hate you and fear you. 

10. Don’t ignore your kids so much.    

This may be hard not to do due to work, but they may feel like they hardly know you if you’re away constantly or always on your phone. They may also feel like they’re not important to you much at all. And they may end up growing up too fast. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way on raising a good, happy kid! Pat on the back to you if you already follow these tips for a job well done.