At first, most people were shocked when Trump was running for president of the USA. It was quite hard to believe as Trump had said for many years he will run for president, but never actually fulfilled that vision until he finally did. Once this news finally sunk in, most people thought Trump had no chance of winning. In fact, they treated him and everything he said as one big joke. Things changed though as it got hard to tell if Hillary or Trump would win as the presidential polls showed Hillary to win most of the time, but Trump’s supporters seemed to usually strike back harder. Nevertheless, most people took sides and fought once accusations of the two rolled it. After that, election day finally came. Once it seemed that Trump will probably win with the most electoral votes, media coverages stopped supporting Hillary so much. Some people did not lose hope though in Hillary’s possible presidential election win. Eventually nearing the end of the presidential election though, a few people gave up on Hillary and became devasted. Yet still, the love and support grew for Hillary and her supporters. You can pretty much guess what happened after all that, the most probable presidential candidate won in the end, Donald Trump. This news took a while to sink in for some people though as they were still shocked that some of the people of the USA basically told everyone who isn’t a non-disabled, white, conservative, cisgender and straight man born in the USA to get out of the USA. This left some people ashamed, angry, sad or disappointed. The majority of people definitely were very nervous though as they feared for not only the future of the USA, but how this will impact the rest of the world too. Some people think this will bring us back to square 1 in history while others think this is a great opportunity for the world to learn their lesson. After all, that’s what history is about, learning from our mistakes and not repeating the same mistakes made in history in the future.