This recipe can be great for Valentine’s day! Or simply any other day you prefer as this strawberry juice recipe is a much healthier option than most juices at local stores.


•About 10 frozen strawberries.

•About 1 liter of water.

•Half a quart of sugar.

•About 1 whole tray of ice. 


First mix about 10 frozen strawberries with about 1 liter of water and half a quart of sugar in a blender until well blended. After that, mix in about a whole tray of ice in the blender with the other ingredients until this recipe’s results into quite a watery drink with a reddish/pinkish hue. It will also contain strawberry seeds, but those aren’t hard to swallow. Afterwards, you should be left with about a jug of strawberry juice which you can serve. You can optionally add in ice cubes. Finally, try to enjoy it! 


I’ve lived in Mexico for quite a few years so I have been through different experiences here which I wish someone had told me about because knowing beforehand could of came in handy. Luckily, I organized a list for you of the 7 REASONS WHY I HATE LIVING IN MEXICO in no particular order. This list can help you if you’re deciding on living in or visting Mexico or not. Or maybe you simply want to understand why so many people here are desperate enough to illegally cross the border to enter the USA to try to get a better life. 

1. Climate.                                                          

It can get hot and humid here. Don’t get me wrong, it can get very chilly here too. There’s also normally very heavy thunderstorms here. Quite a bit of change in weather around here so it’s pretty unpredictable.

2. Bugs and insects.                                            

Due to the climate in Mexico, many bugs and insects reside here. Some maybe something you’ve never seen before and know about. From large spiders to some odd wasps you haven’t seen before. Others that most know are common such as scorpions, ticks, black widows, earwigs, cockroaches, bees and flies. One less common in Mexico, but more known are brown recluses. 

3. Usually, high crime rates.                     

Mexico doesn’t stress laws enough. You see, it’s common to get confused at night as to whether you heard a firecracker or a gunshot. Seeing lots of drunk people and smokers at night is also very common as Mexico is known for constantly having fiestas AKA parties which also means lots of noise normally too. Even underage drinking and smoking is very common due to most stores not caring if someone underage buys these sorts of things. It’s also common for children to vandalize others properties. Going on moving vehicles can get troublesome too as people usually don’t bother to put on their seatbelts or rather ride on the back of a pickup truck which can get dangerous. Another very bad thing that most people know about Mexico is the reputation of Mexican Mafias around here, but they’re normally no threat as long as you don’t mess with their business with illegal drugs. If you do, you probably will get tortured and maybe even killed. Hitman in Mexico are less commonly talked about, but they are normally here too. Many rich people send them here to kill those who have been messing with their businesses.

4. Police and the army.                                        

It’s common to see the SWAT team and army troopers in Mexico due to the usually high crime levels here. Police usually don’t actually jail real bad criminals here for that much time at all though, some work, huh? They usually beat the heck out of them for a day and then release them. They much rather take the innocent people away to shoot and kill them. This causes many people in Mexico much distress and some parents don’t even feel comfortable with letting their children go outside without them. Crossing the border of Mexico is another issue that is normally very nerve-wrecking as police are known to commit various crimes there even if you are legal such as getting shot for no good reason or raped by them. 

5. Many conservatives.                                     

Even though Mexico has more liberals now than before it still carries many conservatives. You’re very likely to be scolded or given mean, disgusted glares if you do something like kiss someone on the lips of the same sex.

6. Doctors.                                                       

Doctors usually make you way worse than how you came in. Most of their prescriptions and recommendations don’t work at all or they give you medications that are not appropriate for your age. As for their tools, they are normally not sanitary at all. You probably won’t just be very physically hurt though, but usually traumatized too. Even deaths are common due to doctor’s lack of good work. That’s when you realize those horror stories about doctors can come true. This applies to all sorts of different doctors such as dentists, surgeons and ect. This is normally due to wanting to get you worse so you can come back for a fixable solution to get more money from you. Sometimes it’s due to a not very good education in the subject. They still get payed a great amount of money though. The most decent doctors to find around here are usually not very bright, but not that bad either.

7. Driving can be troublesome.                            

It can get difficult to drive due to very bumpy roads normally. Also, you probably will have to drive around large crowds of people. Another troublesome thing about driving is that you might have to try to avoid horses, cows, dogs and ect. crossing the roads. Drunk people driving and lousy driving is also very common.

Overall, Mexico isn’t that bad compared to a few other countries, but Mexico is definitely not my favorite country so I hope to have that chance of being able to move back to the USA.


At first, most people were shocked when Trump was running for president of the USA. It was quite hard to believe as Trump had said for many years he will run for president, but never actually fulfilled that vision until he finally did. Once this news finally sunk in, most people thought Trump had no chance of winning. In fact, they treated him and everything he said as one big joke. Things changed though as it got hard to tell if Hillary or Trump would win as the presidential polls showed Hillary to win most of the time, but Trump’s supporters seemed to usually strike back harder. Nevertheless, most people took sides and fought once accusations of the two rolled it. After that, election day finally came. Once it seemed that Trump will probably win with the most electoral votes, media coverages stopped supporting Hillary so much. Some people did not lose hope though in Hillary’s possible presidential election win. Eventually nearing the end of the presidential election though, a few people gave up on Hillary and became devasted. Yet still, the love and support grew for Hillary and her supporters. You can pretty much guess what happened after all that, the most probable presidential candidate won in the end, Donald Trump. This news took a while to sink in for some people though as they were still shocked that some of the people of the USA basically told everyone who isn’t a non-disabled, white, conservative, cisgender and straight man born in the USA to get out of the USA. This left some people ashamed, angry, sad or disappointed. The majority of people definitely were very nervous though as they feared for not only the future of the USA, but how this will impact the rest of the world too. Some people think this will bring us back to square 1 in history while others think this is a great opportunity for the world to learn their lesson. After all, that’s what history is about, learning from our mistakes and not repeating the same mistakes made in history in the future.  


You might not be a fan of food, but here’s the TOP 10 LIFE HACKS FOR USES OF FOOD & DRINKS in my opinion that might change your mind. I listed them from my personal best to my least personal best.

1. Drink Chamomile tea if you’re about to go to bed or if you’re angry to help you relax. Drink Green tea if you need energy, trying to lose weight or if you’re feeling sick. Drink Chai tea to not feel sluggish anymore or if you have a stomach ache. Drink Oolong tea if you’re burning fat or breaking out in acne. Drink Peppermint tea if you’re prone to headaches or just sore.

2. Mint is a plant that mice, most bugs and insects can’t stand! So keep them away with mint plants. Place the plants where these pests are prone to be at like in corners.

3. Put vanilla extract on all your pulse points if you want to keep mosquitos away. 

4. Get a small container and then pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar in it. This will attract the fruit flies and kill them once they get in this vinegar.

5. Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice daily can make you look younger and improve your vision if you have bad eyesight. 

6. If you want a very simple homemade ice cream recipe that does not require an ice cream maker check out this link: 

7. Clean an empty ketchup bottle. Now, you can put batter in it for less of a mess than putting it in a plastic bag.

8. Put yellow mustard on your tounge and then rinse it off if you get slightly burned as this can quickly take away the slight burn.

9. Put cookies in a bag with a slice of bread to keep them soft. 

10. Folding the bottom ends of a chip bag inwards can make a great bowl!

Learning Styles

Studying can be boring and it can seem that no matter how much you study you can’t seem to get it right. Luckily, I listed the 4 learning styles and their definitions. I even added in the best 2 websites and 4 apps for studying in my opinion depending on each learning style. All of this is listed in no particular order. So find out now which learning style or even multiple styles you think suit you best! 

1. Visual: You learn well by images, pictures and spatial organization of elements. Duolingo is an app that allows you to study from many different flashcards and take quizzes that contain a lot of pictures so it’ll probably help you out a lot. Duolingo is solely meant for learning from many different languages.

2. Auditory: You learn well by music, sound, rhyme, rhythm, speaking or listening. Quizlet is an app that you probably will enjoy as it has an option for many different auditory flashcards, quizzes and a game. Duolingo is another app that may help you as it allows you to study from many different flashcards and take quizzes in audio forms. Duolingo is solely meant for learning from many different languages.

3. Reading/Writing: You learn well by reading or writing the material you want to learn. is a site you probably will love as it gives you many examples of different essays. is another site which might interest you as you can type many different algebra equations and get results by step-by-step correct methods to read from. It’s just like having a tutor there with you! You probably will also enjoy the app, Quizlet. Quizlet offers many different flashcards, quizzes and a game to read from. MyScript Calculator is another app that will probably work well for you as you can draw many different math problems on it and then it’ll give you your results! It’s almost exactly like writing on a real sheet of paper. Practice usually makes perfect after all. Photomath might also work well for you as all you have to-do is take pictures or type many different math problems and then it’ll give you you’re results which you can read from by step-by-step correct methods!

4. Kinesthetic: You learn well when you can move your body and/or use your hands and sense of touch. Writing or drawing diagrams are physical activities that can fall into this category as well. The app, Photomath might work well for you as you get to take pictures of many different math problems and then it’ll give you you’re results by step-by-step correct methods!

Best 8 Methods to Get What You Want

Whether it’s a relationship or a snack I listed the Best 8 Methods to Get What You Want in no particular order. 

1.  Ask for something bigger than what you actually want then tell them never mind and what you really want. This method will probably work as they will much rather agree to a favor that isn’t that big.

2. Mirror their physical actions while asking them the favor. Not to the point where you get creepy though. Just mirror their actions enough to make them think that they want what you want which will probably increase them agreeing to what you want. 

3. Get at least another person to help you try and convince the person to do you a favor. They’ll have more reasons to agree to what you want then and not want to disappoint more people.

4. Try and get the person you’re trying to convince you to do the favor by convincing them in a quiet, private place so you can both focus and to feel more calm with less hustle and bustle. So remember, when you try and convince them don’t yell at them because our emotions can get in the way of what we are really trying to communicate at times. Also, give them constructive criticism instead of just flat out offending them. And be sure to try and convince them with a stern voice to get your point across. It also helps a lot to give them good, solid reasons for them to get you what you want. 

5. Show them your emotions to let them see how much this affects you and how passionate you really are for this to gulit-trip them. Don’t have a whole tantrum about it though because that will probably just annoy them so they’ll probably just wanna get away from you. Plus, there are other ways to express your emotions like turning your emotions into any form of art. 

6. If what you want is someone to stop bothering you so much then read on. If somebody is bothering you so much that it’s illegal and you want them to stop then it’s time to get the police involved. Make sure to get proof first such as a video of all their illegal actions. This may scare them with a police warning or even get them locked away.

7. If what you want is someone to stop bothering you then read on once again. Try ignoring them by cutting off all contact via social media, e-mail and ect. Try your best to ignore them in person too. They might stop annoying you this way because you don’t give them a reaction. 

8. Make a deal with them. This method will surely make them give you what you want since they get a slice of the cake too if you will. 

4 Best Animation Apps

Here’s a list of the 4 Best Animation Apps! This list ranges from the best to the least best apps in my opinion.

1. FlipaClip.

Here’s an example of a very short animation I made using this app. The good things about this app is that you can create your own designs, but this app already contains good animation examples. You can also insert a few different backgrounds which come with this app. You can also insert your own photo in each animation! Another good thing about this app is that it’s pretty simple to use. There are also a few different drawing tools and a lot of colors to choose from. There are also a few different shapes to choose from. The only downside I found in this app is that you can’t insert any audio at all to your animations. 

2. Drawing Cartoons.                                           

This app already contains many built characters, items, background music, backgrounds and ect. which I think is awesome. You can also make your own designs and audio, but it’s a bit complicated. Unfortunately, this app also glitches many times as it changed around my home screen, but I quickly fixed that by opening a new app or restarting my device. 

3. Stick Draw.                                                          

You can create your own designs on this app, but you can also insert photos in animations if you wish. This app is pretty easy to get the hang of which is another good thing about it. Unfortunately, you can’t insert audio at all to your animations on this app. But the drawing style on this app can be really smooth at times. The drawing style can be complete opposite at other times though. There are also a few different drawing tools and many colors to choose from which makes up for it.

4. Animation Desk.                                              

This app glitches a lot as sometimes the buttons don’t work at times. A few buttons don’t ever work at all on this app on my device. Maybe you’ll have better luck? This app can also be a bit hard to get the hang of. The good thing about this app though is that the drawing style is pretty smooth, has a couple different drawing tools and a few colors to choose from.